Telstra’s 5G Network Test Just Smashed NBN Speeds

While the roll-out of the NBN (National Broadband Network) continues slowly, Telstra has just ran a test of it’s future 5G network with two mobile phones and achieved download speeds upwards of 20Gbps. For the record, that is almost 200 times faster than the fastest 100Mbps speeds on the NBN.

Of course, there are variables which will be involved once the network launches in 2020, and 5Gbps speeds are a theoretical maximum which will vary depending on network congestion and of course wireless networks are more prone to drop outs than fixed connections, but it does show how that by the time the NBN is finally completed, it will already be obsolete.


Litchi App Is Excellent, When It Works

One of the things I like to do my spare time among other pursuits is to fly my Phantom drone around getting some nice videos and shots. Currently the drone uses the basic, yet quite functional DJI GO app for control. I find it quite stable and easy to use in getting the shots that I want, but sometimes I do wish It had just a few more features to make capturing images a bit easier. Enter the third party app, Litchi.

After dropping $30 on the google play store a few days ago and attempting my hardest to make use of the app, I find myself more than a little frustrated with Litchi. I can see so much potential and benefit in the app over using the stock DJI GO app and the one time it worked successfully was a revelation but the implementation frustrates massively. I’ve used the app, or should I say, tried to use the app on three different devices with my Phantom. First was the Nexus 5x running Android 7. I knew running Litchi on such a new OS would have compatibility issues and it did, but the one time it did work without crashing worked superbly well. The other device, an 8 inch Samsung tablet fared much worse, frequent crashes and connection issues meant I couldn’t fly at all on this device. The third device, a 7 inch Lenovo tablet didn’t fare much better with similar crashes and connection issues as well. If Litchi can sort out compatibility issues with their app, they are onto a winner here, but as it stands currently, $30 Australian is just too much for an app this buggy.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Since Disney took over the Star Wars franchise several years ago, they have made it their mission to churn out a new Star Wars films like sausages at a sausage factory. 2015’s “The Force Awakens” was a nice return to the Star Wars universe, even if it did seem like it was very similar to the original film. Of course if i’d just spend $4 billion dollars on something, I’d play it safe too.

While we wait for Episode VIII of the trilogy in 2017, we have a stand alone story to enjoy and thankfully it looks both original and good. Hopefully Disney continue to play things a little less safe with the franchise moving forward.

Suicide Squad Is A Narrative Mess

Growing up, Batman was, and still is, my favorite superhero character. I grew up loving films like Tim Burton’s Batman and even more recently Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of The Dark Knight trilogy. Superhero films are now the big studios cash cow when it comes to big budget blockbusters.

Over the last several years I have enjoyed Marvel extended universe series of films which has been built up slowly over numerous films, albeit with slowly diminishing returns but on the whole the films have been enjoyable

Sadly the same can’t be said for Warner Bros. extended universe. Since the completion of the Nolanverse films, it appears that Warner Bros. DC universe films appear to be nothing more than an out of control ship without a captain.

2013’s Man Of Steel to me was a dour bastardization of the Superman character that felt more like style over substance. Earlier this year, the sequel Batman Vs.Superman: Dawn Of Justice, was a slight improvement over Man Of Steel, but still was a style over substance exercise with no real characterization. I like the fact that DC are using a darker tone in their universe, but what I don’t like are films with all spectacle and no real coherent story.

So with massively lowered expectations, I went out last night to see Warner Bros. latest entry in their DC Comics universe, Suicide Squad. At thirty-nine, I find that I’m getting to an age where a constant barrage of noise and effects combined with a minimal plot is really becoming a bore on my cinema going journeys, which is why I find myself enjoying more moderate budget character based films that would have been considered big budget films twenty years ago.

Suicide Squad is a new low in Warner Bros. franchise. Apart from an moderately entertaining opening twenty minutes of character introductions, the film descends quickly into a noisy mess that makes as much sense as Chinese algebra with a villain who is possibly the most laughably awful villain I’ve seen in any film in a long time.

Margot Robbie is the one highlight in her characterization of Harley Quinn, so it’s just a shame that David Ayer has lowered the character to nothing more than an overly sexualized object. The less said about the Joker, the better. Jared Leto’s version of the Joker is the worst version of the character I’ve seen put on film.

Deadshot, the Will Smith character makes a wry comment about a massive trash pile swirling around downtown. A pile of trash pretty much sums up my feelings about the film as well.

The New Kong Film Looks Impressive

With this years Comic-Con, studios have again brought out their big guns to show ravenous nerds their latest creations. Among all the Marvel and DC reveals, Warner Bros. revealed the latest trailer from one of their other franchises, Kong: Skull Island.

While I’ve always taken trailers for big budget films with a large pinch of salt, due them only delivering on the rare occasion. This trailer for Kong: Skull Island looks genuinely impressive with it’s 1970’s Apocalypse Now feel. The only downside I can see to this is Samuel L. Jackson playing the same role he’s played in every other filmhe’s been in. Roll on 2017.

The World Seems To Be Going Backwards


Today I read with great disappointment that funding for the Arecibo Observatory dish is yet again in doubt with a possible closure on the cards. This is very sad to me. While there have been many advances in telescope technology and there are now other, more advanced telescope sites around the world, Arecibo is still one of the few telescopes that can find gravitational waves due to it’s hefty 300 metre size.

It seems to me that the only advancement we appear to be doing as a species today is when it comes to technology in our hands, rather than advancement that comes from actual exploration and advancement of our species. The world was once a place of achieving great things, now all we seem to be is preoccupied with celebrity and vapid technology with built in obsolescence so big business can make bigger and bigger sales every twelve months. That is very sad to me.

Here’s hoping logic and funds prevail.

A Much Better Star Trek Beyond Trailer

Several months ago Paramount released a very underwhelming teaser trailer for the new Star Trek film. Thankfully, the second trailer is the complete opposite which now has me excited to see this new film again. Hopefully the film lives up to it’s this second trailer.